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To many people, antimatter probably sounds a lot stranger than it really is. In its most basic sense, antimatter is just mattered with its electrical charge reversed. However, upon meeting, matter and antimatter annihilate one another in a flash of energy.

So what about antimatter bombs?

It seems simple, really. Introduce antimatter to matter and wait for the “BOOM” (of course, with your hands over your ears and your goggles secured firmly to your face…safety first!). But, is building an antimatter bomb realistically viable?

In the Star Trek episode “Obsession,” one ounce of antimatter reacting with matter is enough to blow up half an atmosphere of an Earth-sized planet. So as Landua’s commentary illustrates, unsurprisingly, an antimatter bomb isn’t as spectacular as science fiction makes it seem. For comparison, one pound of antimatter is equivalent to around 19 megatons of TNT. So yes, antimatter would be stronger than other explosives, but not quite as catastrophic as some sources indicate.

Even if it were possible to produce antimatter at a faster rate, the cost would be enormous. According to Landua, a gram of antimatter would cost approximately a “million billion dollars.”

Credit: Ridddle