My father used to say that word. As a matter of fact is, I do not even know what rendering was unless I started learning Photoshop. But precisely what is “Rendering”? If you go to Google and check, you will get various answers.

You cannot explain this word until you face the real problem in your life. It is not about money or fame. It is all about the situation of how you face it and tries to cope with it, or you can say try to adjust yourself to it. But what next? Will it build you up? Well, you can say that because it is true. The more you face problems, the more you will get to know something new in your life.

Some people say that you must fail at some point. Cause if you do not lose, you will never learn the lesson. Well, this is entirely consistent. I have seen a lot of success stories these days. They always discuss their struggles and achievements in public. But literally, no one is there who talked about their failures. Because when you come to the limelight, you will shine. But your failure will not be highlighted because it is like string theory. The never-ending research works. No one knows the correct answer.

Think backward; if you learn something new or are willing to learn something new, the failure ratio will be less. Because you will get the basics, you will try if you fail, then you will change the method, and after that, you will apply.

I have seen many people in my life well-educated, but in a practical scenario, they cannot solve a simple equation because of their fragile foundations.

It all depends on your willingness. Do whatever you want to and listen to your parents. You will see indeed pressurized, but still, at some point, you will get something. But whatever you do, always learn the basics first. It is crucial. Without basics, your entire foundation will be fragile.

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