Guitar chords and tabs are essential tools for any aspiring guitarist. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, having access to accurate and detailed chord and tablature information can significantly enhance your playing abilities. This blog post will provide complete chords and tabs for the song “Send Me an Angel.”


Here are the chords you will need to play “Send Me an Angel”:

Am     C        G        Dm
Send me an angel, right now
Am     C        G        Dm
Send me an angel, somehow

F      G       C       Am
Send me an angel, to guide me through the night
F      G       C       Am
Send me an angel, to make everything alright

These chords are played throughout the song, and you can strum them in a pattern that suits your playing style and preferences. Practice transitioning between the chords smoothly to achieve a polished sound.


For those who prefer playing the song using tabs, here is the tablature for the main melody of “Send Me an Angel”:


This tab represents the song’s main melody and can be played on the higher strings of your guitar. Take your time to practice each section slowly and gradually increase the speed as you become more comfortable.

Remember, practice is key when learning a new song. Practice small sections of the song individually before putting it all together. Start slow and gradually increase the tempo. With time and dedication, you can play “Send Me an Angel” with ease.


Having access to complete chords and tabs is invaluable for any guitarist. Whether you’re a “Send Me an Angel” fan or want to expand your repertoire, these chords and tabs will help you master this beautiful song. Remember to practice regularly and have fun while playing. Happy strumming!

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